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Find Consistency, Trade Mechanically & Become Profitable.

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Become A Consistent Profitable Successful Mechanical Trader

The Paruto Capital Edge

Sharpen & Hone Your Edge

With our systematic and mechanical trading strategy, your psychology and overall trading skill will be undoubtedly improved. Learn to look at the market the same way every single time. No hesitation, no emotions, no guesswork, just clarity, laser focus, peace, progress, and profits!

High RR Trades

Improve your risk to reward per trade. How many times are you able to catch 1:5RR trades? Well, this is the norm at Paruto Capital. Getting into high probability trades is common place! We combine patience and profits as siamese twins.


Better Returns & Funding

Replicate the same setups on bigger funded accounts, get better returns on your time, knowledge and skill! Imagine getting $30,000 from a $300k funded account rather than $300 trading your $3000 personal fund.


Trading Floor & Community

Trading can be a boring and lonely journey. At Paruto Capital, we offer a robust community of like-minded traders who support, challenge and inspire you to unlock greater levels of success and profit! 


Naked & Clean Chart Work

No use of lagging indicators that clog up your chart and limit your profit potential. Join our membership to learn our systematic, expository and mechanical methodology to trading. Let’s help you filter out the noise so you can focus on the profits day in day out!

Paruto Capital #StuckINPROFIT

Membership Perks


#StuckInProfit Course

This course is specially designed and crafted to take you from zero to funded. No matter your skill level or knowledge, you will quickly realise the immense value this course brings. 


1:5RR Minimum Trade Setups

Do not get stuck in the loop hole of low risk to reward trades. It’s time to up your game and level up!


Amazing Community

Ask questions and get answers. Share trade ideas and sharpen your skills with the help of a super supportive community.


24/7 Support

The Paruto Capital Team is standing ready to give you all the help you need to become consistent and profitable.


Pure Price Action

Remove the clutter of unending indicators and get the clarity and laser focus you’ve always wanted o get. Just pure price action and profits!


Trading Floor

Interact and enjoy the company of fellow traders who have a single goal in mind – becoming consistently profitable in the markets.

This is a 12-months journey if you're completely new to trading.

The Paruto Capital Roadmap To Becoming A Funded Trader In 12 Months - #StuckInProfit

It takes 4 years to get a university/college degree which may not guarantee you a job nor consistent income. We have designed this roadmap for those who are willing to put in 12 months of focused and consistent effort in other to become profitable traders.

You have the potential to develop a skill-set that can unlock a 6 – 7 figures per year income (or more) depending on the effort you put into it. Please, don’t rush this process. Our expectation is that you will give it the time it requires to start producing results!

Month 1 - 3

📚 Foundation Phase

Learning, studying, developing your trade plan and mastering the #StuckInProfit Trading Strategy.

Month 1 - 3

Month 4 - 6

🏗️ Building Phase

Start testing your edge in the the market. Get data and develop rock solid confidence for consistent profit.

Month 4 - 6

Month 7 - 9

🎯 Practice Phase

This phase is where you get to practice scaling funding trials from any prop firm of your choice. Put the work in!

Month 7 - 9

Month 10 - 12

💵 Funding Phase

Start acquiring funding accounts. You have spent that last 9 months sharpening your trading skills, it’s time to take the bull by the horn!

Month 10 - 12

Month 12+

🚀 Scaling Phase

Dreams become reality! Now, keep refining your skills, acquiring funding and scaling your personal capital.

Month 12+
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#StuckInProfit mentorship

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Learning & mastering how to trade can truly be life-changing. With our price plan, you can choose the option that suits you best. FREE Trial Available.
When you join the #StuckInProfit Mentorship, you get full access to the #StuckInProfit Course, Trading Floor/Community, #StuckInProfit Analysis Service & More!
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Make the decision that can change your life forever. Take the leap!

Please ensure you are willing to commit 110% to learning and sharpening your trading skill for the next 12 months to maximize Your MEMBERSHIP (#STUCKINPROFIT course + DISCORD/Trading FLOOR/Community + Paruto Capital Analysis Service).
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Common Questions 🤔

Yes, if you follow the SPEED + SNIPER Framework as taught in the course, practice all you learn, and follow the roadmap we have set in place to the letter. This is in addition to completing the course - chapters, lessons, and assignments - and practicing all you learn in the market. If you don't quit, we have no doubt you will become a massive success in no time.

Please note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must put in the work before you get the result.

If you're not willing to put in the work then please don't pay for the subscription. We beg of you.


Yes, you can. We advise that you keep working your 9-5 job while developing your trading skills on the side.

The goal is to get to the level where your trading skills bring you more income than your 9-5 job, and then you can decide to quit if you want to.

There is no rush in this journey. Remember, patience is the key to making it in the trading industry.


We are 100% online. With your phone, laptop/desktop, or tablet/iPad, you can access the course from anywhere in the world - literally!

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

When you sign up for the #StuckInProfit Membership, you get instant access to tons of invaluable resources that will help you become a better trader. Because of this, we do not offer refunds on subscriptions, however, you can cancel at any time and no future payments will be made. We want our members to stick around for the long run, so if you have any questions before signing up, feel free to reach out.

Also, You can cancel at anytime and you won't be billed again in the future. You will have access to all of your membership benefits until the end of your subscription.

The Full #StuckInProfit Course

30+ easy to follow video lessons.

The Paruto Capital Roadmap to Funding.

Interactive chart exercises and walkthroughs.

Access to various trading resources and tools.

The Trading Floor

Exclusive access to our online community.

Robust feedback and engagement.

Network with community members of like-mind and ambition.

Direct access to the Paruto Capital Team.

The Paruto Capital Service

Backtesting sessions.

Daily analysis and markups.

Weekly trade recaps and chart breakdown.

Live Q & As.

Please be aware that not everyone is a good fit for #StuckInProfit membership. You can join the community if you're prepared to put in the effort necessary to perfect the strategy and master your psychology. 

In all honesty, we believe the following groups of people are not intended for the #StuckInProfit membership: 

  • Those who desire a life of constant mediocrity. 
  • Seekers of get-rich-quick-schemes and easy wealth. 
  • People who want results without exerting any effort. 
  • Those who want to complain and blame others for their mistakes. 
  • Those who prefer to remain at ease. 

As soon as you sign up with Paruto Capital, you start a life-changing journey of wealth creation, self-discovery, and self-actualization. Your future could be significantly impacted by the knowledge and skills you gain and develop during this program. 

So, if you meet the requirements listed below, please join. 

  • You've taken care of the necessities and feel reasonably safe.
  • You have a strong passion to become an independent trader who consistently makes money in the market. 
  • You're willing to venture outside of your comfort zone.
  • You're willing to accept full responsibility for all of your outcomes, whether they are positive or negative. 
  • You're prepared to remove anything that is holding you back in life. 
  • You believe mastery of trading is your destiny. 

Join our community right away; we'd love to help you if this describes you and you're prepared to drastically change both your life and your trading results. 

Frankly, this program is for you if you learn how to trade properly and treat it seriously like a business, it can be a powerful financial tool. We believe you'll blend in perfectly if that interests you!

Not at all.

Our mission is to develop and build traders who are committed to understanding how the market works, and are willing to put in the work where necessary. We don't believe in 'easy' or 'get rich quick' schemes that end up swindling people of their money.

Our mission at Paruto Capital is to build consistent and profitable traders, and signals do not provide a means to building sustainable wealth.

Nonetheless, via Paruto Capital Service, we provide daily analysis and markups, backtesting sessions and more that allow you to put into practice all you'll be learning as part of the membership.

Yes, we do. Please send a mail to hello[@]paruto.io and we will get back to you on how to process your payment.


LESSON 1 - What Is Trading?
LESSON 2 - The Right Mindset & Managing Expectations
LESSON 3 - The SPEED + SNIPER Framework
LESSON 4 - How Wealthy You Can Become 
LESSON 5 - Getting Funded - Prop Firms
LESSON 6 - Your Trading Power House


LESSON 1 - Currency Pairs, Indices, Pips, Lot Size, Leverage, etc
LESSON 2 - Trading Sessions
LESSON 3 - Technical Vs Fundamental Analysis
LESSON 4 - Types of Trading Styles - Day, Scalping, Swing, Position


LESSON 1 - Effective Money Management & Tips For Successful Money Management in Forex
LESSON 2 - Position Sizing, News & Slippage
LESSON 3 - Trade Execution (Entries & Order Types)


LESSON 1 - Introduction To Technical Analysis (Stages of Competences)
LESSON 2 - The Basics of Market Structure (Highs, Lows, CHoCH, BOS, etc)
LESSON 3 - Understanding CHoCH, Internal Structure & Market Swing Structure
LESSON 4 - Setting Up TradingView
LESSON 5 - Practical Charts Walkthrough on Structure
LESSON 6 - Advanced Market Structure With Multi-Timeframe Analysis (Flip Zones, SD Zones)
LESSON 7 - Premium Vs Discount Range Plus Chart Walkthrough


LESSON 1 - Supply & Demand Basics
LESSON 2 - Drawing Your SD Zones
LESSON 3 - SD Zones Walkthrough (Pure Chart Work)
LESSON 4 - Understanding SD Flip Zones
LESSON 5 - SD Flip Zones Walkthrough (Pure Chart Work)


LESSON 1 - Introduction - Basics of Liquidity Concepts
LESSON 2 - Liquidity Concepts Overview
LESSON 3 - Liquidity Concepts Chart Walkthrough
LESSON 4 - Putting It All Together (Pure Chart Work)


LESSON 1 - Understanding The #StuckInProfit Entry Models (Confirmation Entry, Risk Entry, Confluences, etc)
LESSON 2 - Pro-trend Trade Setups (Risk Entry & Confirmation Entry)
LESSON 3 - Chart Walkthrough (Pro-trend Setups)
LESSON 4 - Counter-trend Trade Setups (Risk Entry & Confirmation Entry)
LESSON 5 - Chart Walkthrough (Counter-trend Setups)
LESSON 6 - Ranging Market, Flip & Sweep Zone Trade Setups (Advanced)
LESSON 7 - Chart Walkthrough (Ranging Market, Flip Zone & Sweep Zone Entries)
LESSON 8 - Trade Execution - Beginner & Advanced Entries (#TOMFLIP & #TOMLIQS)
LESSON 9 - Trade Execution - Beginner (#TOMFLIP Entry Models)
LESSON 10 - Trade Execution - Advanced (#TOMLIQS Entry Model)
LESSON 11 - Putting It All Together (#TOMLIQS & #TOMFLIP Entry Models)
LESSON 12 - Low Vs High Probability Setups


LESSON 1 - Trade Management Models - #SetAndForget, #PayYourself, #RemoveRisk
LESSON 2 - Trade Management Tool - Setting Up the Position Size EA in MT4/5


LESSON 1 - #StuckInProfit Power House (Premium Trade Plan Template & More)
LESSON 2 - Making Your Strategy Mechanical & Putting Your Trade Plan Together
LESSON 3 - The Importance of Process & Journaling


LESSON 1 - Back-Testing & Forward Testing
LESSON 2 - Getting Funded & Staying Funded (Prop Firms)


LESSON 1 - Developing Your Edge (Mind, Money and Method)
LESSON 2 - The Probability Of Trading (Like A Casino)
LESSON 3 - Trading Sins You Must Avoid


LESSON 1 - The Journey Ahead (Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win)

You can cancel at anytime and you won't be billed again in the future. You will have access to all of your membership benefits until the end of your subscription.

You may send an email to hello[@]paruto.io and we will respond ASAP.

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